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Although a high percentage of household debt is comprised of mortgages, student loans, and car loans, a large part of it comes from credit card debt. The balances will continue to increase when carried over from one month to the next, especially when they are not managed. The average of credit card debt revolving balances is $6,929, making it increasingly difficult for American families to pay all creditors.

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When credit card loans, car loans, student loans, and mortgages are all factored together, the average outstanding debt of U.S. households is $135,768.

At Optimal Debt Solutions, our Certified Debt Specialists understand the frustrations and struggles that come with trying to manage such high levels of debt. Allow us to help you start a new life by going through our free debt evaluation process so you can get finally head on the path towards financial freedom. Our entire debt relief company staff is fully committed to helping residents in Logansport live better lives.

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Money Management with Debt Consolidation

It can be overwhelming trying to manage the numerous bills that you get every month. If you have many different credit cards with separate payment schedules, it can be particularly tricky. Once you add in all of your other bills such as rent, cable, data plans, utilities, and other loans, it can be nearly impossible to manage all of your debts.

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Debt consolidation is a type of financial strategy that uses one loan to simplify the process of trying to pay off multiple bills. All of your debts are untangled, and they are combined into one large debt. Whenever debts are consolidated, this usually results in a lower interest rate, a lower monthly payment, or both. Logansport debt consolidation is used by many consumers to manage their student loans, credit card debts, and other kinds of debt that they have.

The debt consolidation process begins by getting a loan that allows all of your debts to be managed in one place. Another option is consolidating all of your credit card payments onto one new credit card or use the balance transfer feature on an existing credit card. Loans can also be obtained from institutions like credit unions, online lenders, or banks, which often require you to put up collateral.

When you simplify the way you pay your monthly bills, it can help to reduce your frustration. You can make just one payment to a single lender on a certain deadline each month instead of having to juggle multiple monthly payments that all have different deadlines.

Optimal Debt Solutions offers Logansport debt consolidation alternatives that make it possible for you to avoid needing to extend yourself even more by having unnecessary loans to deal with. We will work directly with your creditors to negotiate for reduced amounts, which will save you money, time, and stress.

Optimal Debt Solutions is committed to providing the right resources and tools to our clients so that they can achieve the financial freedom that they have desired for so long. So if you want to get your finances under control once again, contact one of our Certified Debt Specialists in Logansport who can help you develop a strategic plan to pay your debts off as soon as possible.

Debt Settlement vs. Consolidation

Your debt management program choice will have a significant impact on you becoming free of debt. Although there are different methods available to manage and pay off debts, our extensive research and many years of experience show that debt settlement is one of the more effective methods to achieve financial freedom.

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Your debt is not reduced by debt consolidation. You will need to pay the same amount without benefitting from negotiated terms. So your debt problem will not be eliminated unless you increase your payment amount and significantly reduce your spending.

Your debt can be eliminated if you are prepared to be enrolled in a Logansport debt consolidation program for two to five years. That is assuming you do not incur additional debts during this time. A new loan will just give you a new obligation that is not any different from your past debts.

Debt settlement, on the other hand, provides you with a better option for paying your debts off. Credit counseling organizations like Optimal Debt Solutions work with you closely to understand your current debt situation and spending habits. Debt specialists work with you closely to help you better understand how your budget can be adjusted to meet your payments better.

Debt settlements also make it possible for you to negotiate and get the amount you owe reduced by as much as 50%. Also, you will have the opportunity to reduce the number and quantity of individual payments to make it more manageable, especially when you are trying to repay your debts as soon as possible.

If you would like to get your finances under control as soon as possible, get in touch with Optimal Debt Solutions right away. We are very passionate about the financial freedom of our clients. Our many years of experience with different debt relief programs help ensure that you are in good hands.

Take Control Of Your Finances

Debt Settlement Experts

It has never been easier to get started on the road towards financial independence and become free of debt. Optimal Debt Solutions knows that it is stressful enough trying to pay off your debts. We have broken down the process into four simple steps to make it even easier:

Your fresh start will begin by meeting with one of our Certified Debt Specialists for your initial free evaluation. We will review and discuss your current financial situation, outstanding debts, and ongoing payments. Through this process, we gain valuable insights into your estimated potential savings and how much you can reasonably afford to pay.

We will then get a personalized debt reduction program developed for you to meet your specific needs. Our experts will discuss various debt settlement strategies with you. They can help you get started with a financial management program as well as monitor and assess your debt resolution plan. We provide you with a user-friendly portal that allows you to access your program easily at any time. Our debt resources will also be at your fingertips, and you will be able to communicate with our debt reduction specialists in the same place.

We will start negotiating and settling your debt after we have developed the strategies for managing your debt. We will contact your creditors to provide you with the best chance of getting your debt reduced. Our thorough understanding of different organizations and the way they handle bad debt make it possible to properly time our negotiations.

You will have access to our online client portal while you are enrolled in your debt settlement program. You can contact one of our debt settlement experts if you have any questions or need additional help as you move towards a debt-free life. We provide numerous resources and tools to minimize how much you will be contacted by creditors.

If you would like to start a new life and get your debt finally under control, get in touch with Optimal Debt Solutions to find the best debt settlement program for your situation.

Logansport Debt Settlement Company

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At Optimal Debt Solutions, we have Logansport debt settlement experts who are ready to help you. If you are afraid your creditors are about to stop working with you, have experienced a reduction in income recently, or are struggling to pay all of your bills, we are here to help.

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